The Cherokee Garden at Green Meadow Preserve-Cobb County, Georgia

Springtime is magical at the Cherokee Garden.    So many of the native plants have come alive after their winter dormancy.    Every Thursday is a workday for our faithful Master Gardeners.    These gardeners have a special place in their hearts for native plants and have come to love the importance of the Cherokee relationship with these plants.   Before we started pulling weeds and spreading mulch we all took time to walk through the garden to see what was coming alive and blooming.     We wish you could have been with us to see the joy on our faces as we beheld the magic of nature and the internal clock that is inside of each root, stem and seed.    Below are just some of these special plants that brought smiles to our faces.

Trout Lily 2019                    Hepatica 2019

   Trout Lily                                                                       Hepatica

Rue Anemone 2019                              Leatherwood 2019 

 Rue Anemone                                                                         Leatherwood

Our next post will feature the Wild Geranium (Geranium maculatum).     It started blooming this week at the Cherokee Garden but we forgot to get a picture of it.


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