Wild Geranium (Geranium maculatum)

Wild Geranium 2

Wild Geranium is a hardy perennial which can grow to two feet tall in ideal conditions.    The wild Geranium at the Cherokee Garden is about 12 inches tall and is in full bloom right now.    I regret not taking a picture of it last week.    It blooms during April and May with deep pink to lilac blossoms that are about an inch in diameter.   It grows well in average soil in full sun to part shade.    If you plant it in full sun you will need to water consistently.    I recommend to you plant it is partial shade away from the afternoon sun, of course, the more sun – more blooms is the old adage.    This woodland perennial is clump forming and occurs in woods, thickets and roadside areas.   The flowers give way to beaked seed capsules which resembles a crane’s bill and is sometimes referred to as Cranebill Geranium.    This plant is a strong attraction to butterflies.   It is not attractive to rabbits and deer but they will eat it if necessary.

The Cherokee would make a compound decoction mixed with Fox Grapes to wash children’s mouths to cure thrush.   A decoction was used to apply to open wounds.   The crushed plant was also applied to canker sores.



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