Tony Harris-honored by the Cherokee Nation.


On June 8th, the Cherokee Garden founder, Tony Harris was honored by the Cherokee Nation.  He was recognized as a “Cherokee Elder” for his work in preserving Cherokee history and culture here in Georgia.  Deputy Principal Chief, Joe Crittenden, awarded Tony his certificate along with a Cherokee blanket.   Also in attendance was the newly elected Principal Chief-Chuck Hoskins Jr. and Mary Baker Shaw-Cherokee Nation Councilor at Large.

Tony is a frequent guest speaker throughout North Georgia and has worked tirelessly promoting the Cherokee Garden, Cherokee culture, and the Georgia Trail of Tears Association.    He has often been asked “why” he gives so much of his time telling the story of the Cherokee people and their use of plants.   His response is always “The Cherokee people relied upon native plants for survival and I am not willing to let that knowledge disappear.  By collection Cherokee plants in an educational garden, then the next generation can understand the plants’ cultural and historical significance”.



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