Heart Leaf FoamFlower (Tiarella cordifolia)

Heart Leaf Foamflower 1

Heart Leaf Foam Flower is a native perennial that can grow to 12 inches tall with white or pink blooms that appear in April or may.    The flower stalk is erect and above the foliage.    The foliage is very attractive and this plant makes a very attractive ground cover.    It needs to be in well drained soil because it can die over winter if the soil is too wet.   It will spread by rapidly by runners to form a thick ground cover.   The leaves can be three to five lobes and as much as four inches across.       It will does in shade to part-shade conditions.

The Cherokee would hold an infusion of the leaves in the mouth to remove a white coating from the tongue.  A poultice of the leaves were applied to skin wounds.

The Foam Flower that is shown above was rescued about four years ago and it is still doing well.    We encourage everyone to participate in your local Native Plant Society.  We are active in the Georgia Native Plant Society and it bring so much pleasure to rescue these wonderful plants before the bulldozers come in.

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