Sedge (Carex sp)

Sedge 1

There are quite a few varieties of native Sedges here in the Southeast.  At the Cherokee Garden here in Cobb County we have the Blue Stem Sedge and I think it it the  most attractive of all the Sedges.    When planted in deep shade the leaves definitely have a blue tint to them and if planted in dapple shade or in part sun then the leaves have a grassy green tint.    They are a evergreen perennial that can grow over a foot tall in moist soils with part to full shade.   They can flower in May with the flowering stems that an reach 20 inches tall.    Ours has never bloom so I am assuming that it is because of the deep shade.  The plant will slowly spread by rhizomes or can self seed in ideal growing conditions.    Sedge is often found growing  in marshy areas.    There is an old saying that sedges have edges, and it helps you identify them because they have three sided stems that are triangular in shape.    Sedge is grass like and sometimes referred to as swamp grass.

The Cherokee would make a root tea to check bowels.  Then would also extract the juice from the leaves by crushing them between two flat rocks and then use the juice to treat skin sores.

Definitely consider using sedges in your personal garden.   The are not invasive, they are native, and they are 100 percent better than liriope (Monkey Grass).


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