Redbud Tree (Cercis candensis)

redbud 1

The Eastern Redbud is a tree that can grow up to thirty feet tall in full sun to part shade.  In March and April its dark pink blooms attracts butterflies.  It grows best in fertile soils with consistent moisture.   Since this tree does not transplant well, it should be planted when small and left undisturbed.   It is know for its pea shaped purple flowers which cover the bare branches before the leaves appear.   The flowers are about 1/2 inch wide and bloom in clusters of 4 to 10.   The flowers are followed by seedpods that mature in the summer and will contain 6-12 seeds.   These seed pods may remain into the winter.

redbud 2

The Cherokee used an infusion of the bark to treat whooping cough.   The blossoms were eaten by children as a snack.   And a cold infusion of the roots and inner bark was used to treat chest congestion.



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