Virginia Spiderwort (Tradescantia virginiana)

Virginia Spiderwort 1

Virginia Spiderwort is a native perennial that is blooming now.   It likes well drained acidic soil in part to full shade. The foliage declines after flowering and can be cut back almost to the ground to encourage new growth and a fall blooming cycle of blue to violet blue blossoms.

Virginia Spiderwort 2

In the wild, it can be found  in open wooded slopes and moist shaded bluff ledges. When the stems of the Spiderwort are cut a viscous secretion is released which becomes thread like and silky when hardened.   That is why it is call spiderwort because the web like strands.    This plant can spread or colonize quickly but you can easily dig up any unwanted plants.

The Cherokee used an infusion of the bark to treat stomach ache.   A poultice of the root was used to treat cancer.  The plant was crushed and applied to insect bites.  An infusion was taken as a laxative., and a compound infusion was taken for kidney problems.



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