Possumhaw (Viburnum nudum)

The Viburnum nudum or Possumhaw has waxy dark leaves and flowers in April and May. The flowers form berries during mid summer. This variety of native viburnum is generally available from Native Plant Nurseries but it is a wonderful addition to any garden. It is an attractive mid sized shrub and also attracts pollinators and wildlife. Our research show that it can adapt to full sun after it has been established in it new location. Extra watering is always advise until a new shrub has a chance to establish new roots. Winterthur is a nice cultivar of the native Viburnum nudum. It grows easily throughout the Southeast, from Connecticut to Florida and as far west as Louisiana.

The Cherokee used an infusion of the roots for muscle spasms and to reduce fever. A root bark tea was given as a tonic.


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