Pecan Tree (Carya illinoesis)

Yesterday we were out at the Cherokee Garden (Green Meadows Preserve) to check on everything after our bad wind storm. The garden had very little damage except for some limbs on the ground. We were also amazed to find so many pecans already on the ground. It looks like we will have a bumper crop this year. We do not harvest the pecans since we have so many young children visiting the park. The little ones love discovering the pecans and they scamper around like squirrels picking up the pecans. The pecans trees were planted many years ago by the family that owned the property before it was acquired by Cobb County Parks Department.

The Cherokee used the Pecan tree for not only food but also for crafts. The Pecan tree is a member of the hickory family. A lot of different sources mentioned that the pecan nut was eaten for food so we are assuming that they were eaten raw. Unlike the hickory nut that was ground for oil and food we have not found any references that pecan nuts were used in the same manner. The Cherokee also used the wood for bowl making and other crafts.

The Pecan tree grows to 75 to 100 feet tall in full sun and it can live for over a hundred years. Pecan trees are difficult to transplant because of its deep taproot.


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