We apologize for being away from the blog.

We do apologize for being away from the blog for so long.    For any gardener the spring is the busiest time of the year.   The Cherokee Garden is looking great.    We have had consistent rain since last summer which makes all of the plants quite happy.    Even some of the plants that we were worried about are now looking very healthy.

Last month we were able to do two plants rescues in North Georgia.   These rescues were on private property which has been in the same family for over 140 years.    Some of the acreage has been farmed but much of the land had been untouched since the Cherokee removal.    It was magical to walk through the same forest that our ancestors had walked and wade the same streams.      Usually when we go on plants rescues with the Georgia Native Plant Society you would only see a small grouping of a certain plant.     We were amazed to see over 200 Jack-in-the-Pulpits along the bank of a stream and one hillside had over 300 Toad Shade Trilliums.      We can never fully express our appreciation to our friend for inviting us to her property.     She is such a great friend to the Cherokee and so willing to share her “living artifacts”.

The rest of the week we will be very busy with commitments but we will soon start posting new articles.   Here are two very special plants that are currently blooming in our garden.    The one on the left is Indian Pink and Fly Poison is on the right.    Tony will be posting articles about these plants soon.

Fly Poison Indian Pink

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