Goldenrod (Solidago odora)

Goldenrod is a herbaceous perennial growing to four feet tall with bright yellow flower that bloom from August to September. It prefers well drained soils in full sun to part shade but blooms best in full sun. It can be grown from seed but it is a clump forming plant that likes to colonize. It has a very distinct anise scent which is strong if the leaves are crushed. Goldenrod is attractive to bees and butterflies. The leaves can be used as a tea. It is mistakenly thought that this plant causes hay fever but it pollen is too large to cause allergies. Blooming at the same time is Ragweed which does cause allergies. Ragweed looks very similar to Goldenrod but its bloom is lime green in color.

The Cherokee used an infusion of leaves for colds and coughs. It was also taken to calm nerves. The roots were chewed for mouth sores and also for measles. An infusion of the roots was taken to treat tuberculosis.

You can often find Goldenrod blooming in meadows. In fact we have Goldenrod blooming in the Cherokee Garden here in Cobb County GA.


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