Indian Pink (Spigelia marilandica)

Indian Pink 2018

Indian Pink is a perennial that can grow to 2 feet tall with red and yellow blooms during June.  It likes part to full shade with medium amount of water.   It will colonize or spread by roots and the leaves are lance shaped and dark green.    It is a stunning plant when it blooms and is a winner in any garden.   Indian Pink ranks right up there with Cardinal Flower in attracting hummingbirds.   After it flowers you can cut back the flower heads and it will bloom again during the summer.  The above picture was taken in the Cherokee Garden at Green Meadows Preserve in Cobb County.

The Cherokee would make an infusion to treat for worms because it was an effective agent to destroy parasitic worms.  The Cherokee would also use this as a ritual or ceremonial herb to induce visions or predict the future.

Indian Pink is readily available in native plant nurseries and is a hardy perennial in most planting zone.   If you live in a area north of Tennessee or North Carolina you may want to mulch to protect the root system.



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