Fairy Wand (Chamaelirium luteum)

Fairy Wand 2016

Look closely and you will see the Fairy Wand in front of the native red columbine.    Fairy Wand is now emerging from its dormancy and beginning to send up new shouts.   It has other common names-Blazing Star, Starwort,, and Unicorn Root.  It is a perennial that can grow to four feet tall and show white blooms in May.   It likes moist, well drained, and slightly acidic soil in part to full shade.    The above picture was taken at the Cherokee Garden in Cobb County and our Fairy Wands only reach about two feet tall.   We are located in the southern part of the climate range for Fairy Wand so I would imagine that would effect it growth pattern.   The male and female plants grow to different heights (female plants are taller but have shorter blooms).   The male Fairy Wand’s bloom will grow to about eight inches in length.    While studying the above photo I would assume that the Cherokee Garden has a female Fairy Wand.

The Cherokee would crush the roots into a powder and used it to treat colic.  A root tea was also used to stimulate appetite, as a tonic, and a worm treatment.

Fairy Wand

This Fairy Wand has a much longer bloom so it is probably a male variety.    It was growing in our former garden.


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