Looks What is Blooming Now in the Cherokee Garden

While we were working at the Cherokee Garden last week we were so excited to see that some of our special native plants are blooming.    All of these plants were rescued from properties that were soon to be bulldozed (official Georgia Native Plant Society Rescues)

Blood Root (Cherokee Uses-Red Dye, Medicine, Insect Repellent)

Bloodroot-Feb.28,2018                bloodroot-in-bloom

Just beginning to bloom                                                Full Bloom

Azure Bluet (Cherokee Medicinal Plant)

Azure Bluet-Feb.28,2018

Beautiful early spring native with blue and white flowers

Rue Anemone (Cherokee Medicinal Plant)

Rue Anemone-Feb.28,2018

You could easily miss this plant because it barely rises above the leaf litter of the forest floor.

Trout Lily (Cherokee Medicinal Plant)

Trout Lily-Feb. 28,2018

Love everything about this plant.    The leaves resembles the markings of mountain trout, the flowers can be either yellow or orange, it is a show stopper.    The only downside to this plant is that is will go dormant rather quickly.

Hope you enjoyed this preview to spring!!


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