Southern Wood Violet (Viola hirsatula)

Southern Wood Violet 1

Since we are longing for springtime, I thought I would share information about the Southern Wood Violet.    It is found throughout North Georgia and the other Appalachian states.

Southern Wood Violet is an herbaceous perennial that can grow to six inches tall with violet blooms which normally occur in May.   It is easy to grow in average, medium, well drained soils in full sun to part shade.   It propagates itself by reseeding and creeping stems.   It is known for its lavender blue spring flowers.   The flowers appear on top of leafy stems and are about one inch across.   This plant is a great ground cover for small areas like between stepping stones.   Left undisturbed, it will spread and add great color to rock gardens.     Its leaves can vary in color, but my favorite is the heavily veined blue/green heart shaped leaves.

The Cherokee would make a poultice of the crushed roots and apply it to boils.   Also an infusion of roots and leaves was taken as a tonic and a treatment for dysentery.   Later on the Cherokee would make an infusion of the roots mixed with sugar for use as a cough syrup.



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