White Yarrow (Achillea millefollium)

White Yarrow 2

White Yarrow is a native perennial that can reach three feet tall and produces white blooms from June to September.   It likes medium, well drained soils in full sun.  Plant stems tend to flop if they are growing in area with extended spans of heat.   Cutting the spent flower heads back, when they begin to turn brown, will encourage additional blooms.  This plant spreads aggressively by rhizomes and self seeding and will naturalize into large colonies if left unchecked.    It is easily controlled by pulling up any undesired plants.    The foliage has a strong, spicy aroma that will last in dried arrangements.

White Yarrow 1

The  Cherokee would use the leaves to stop bleeding.   They would make an infusion to reduce fever.   An infusion was also taken to aid in restful sleeping and a tea was made to treat bloody urine.



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