Perfoliata Bellwort (Uvularia perfoliata)

perfoliata Bellwort 1

This hardy perennial does not have a common name and has a very unusual stem and leaf pattern.  The leaf encompasses the entire stem and it give the illusion that the stem is growing through the leaf.   It blooms in April and May.

perfoliata Bellowrt 2

The Cherokee used this plant for both a food source and medicine.   The leaves were fried and eaten as cooked greens.   They also made a root infusion for cough medicine.

This bellwort is most often found in the eastern and Southern areas of the United States.   It prefers a woodland setting in part shade and with well draining soils.   Once established it is very hardy and drought tolerant which is unusual because it can tolerate occasional flooding.

Our Perfoliata Bellwort was a gift from a dear friend from the Georgia Native Plant Association.   Anytime you seen “wort” in a plant name it usually signifies that the plant has medicinal uses.



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