Golden Seal (Hydrastis canadensis)

Golden Seal

Golden Seal, also known as Orange Root, because of the color of it’s roots has many uses by the Cherokee.  The Cherokee used this plant to treat cancer.   They also made a tonic for cleansing and a wash for skin inflammations.   It was also used to improve appetite.   It was used internally to aid digestion and serve as a laxative and to treat cankor sores when gargled.  The Cherokee also used it to treat sore eyes and to treat TB.

I plant Golden Seal next to my Ginseng because they have a symbiotic relationship.  Ginseng is fragile and Golden Seal helps to keep fungal infestations away.  The roots are yellow and knotted and the Cherokee would used them as a dye.  The stems are purple and hairy.

Golden Seal is in the Buttercup family and is perennial.  It can grow to about a foot tall and blooms in May.  It likes well drained soil in part shade with plenty of leaf mulch.


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